A guide to the categories on this site:

  • Casual Dining—Posts in this category usually feature restaurants that charge less than $20 for an entrée. They welcome diners in jeans and sneakers.
  • Fine Dining—Posts in this category feature restaurants that charge more than $20 for an entrée. They usually have a more formal dress code than casual establishments.
  • First Bites—Posts in this category include a mini review or advance review of a restaurant. If I think a restaurant shows promise, or if I’m unlikely to return for a positive reason (like distance, if I am traveling), I’ll share pictures and a brief description of my experience there.
  • Gone, but Not Forgotten—Atlanta has seen many great restaurants come and go over the years. Posts in this category describe an experience at one of them, and might include a recipe from the establishment.
  • Locally Sourced—Posts in this category feature packaged food items that are made in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee.
  • On the Road—Not just a Kerouac novel. Posts in this category feature restaurants outside the metro Atlanta area. If I travel and have an especially good meal, I’ll tell you about it.
  • Recipes—Posts in this category include recipes. The recipe might be from a local restaurant, or it could be one I’ve tried at home. I enjoy cooking almost as much as I enjoy eating!
  • Reviews—Posts in this category feature restaurants that I have visited at least three times.

I also use tags to identify a restaurant’s cuisine and location.