About Atlanta Epicurean

About Me

I have been dining in the metro area for over two decades, and have documented my experiences on Twitter since 2009.

I’ve read many a cookbook and food article from international, national, and local authors. Local writers whose work I’ve particularly enjoyed over the years include Bill Addison (formerly of Atlanta Magazine), John Kessler (formerly of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution), Christiane Lauterbach of Atlanta Magazine, and Chloe, author of Chow Down Atlanta, who is now over on Instagram.


About This Site

This site includes restaurant reviews, recipes from Atlanta restaurants past and present, and, occasionally, recipes with which I’ve had success at home.

To preserve impartiality and objectivity, I pay for every meal I consume out of my own pocket. I do not accept any form of compensation in exchange for reviewing a restaurant.

I frequently publish photographs straight from my phone, but images may be edited for quality and content. Photo editing is usually necessary when:

  • The food is hard to see in the picture due to low light in a dark restaurant.
  • The image’s native size is too large and needs to be reduced before it can be uploaded.
  • Diners who have not consented to being photographed are accidentally included in the picture and need to be cropped out.

NOTE: Some photographs may vary in size and quality from others. I’ve changed cameras a few times over the years.